Welcome to the CVS for Broxbourne and East Herts

“Being the essential link to empowering our community groups, building local partnerships and improving residents’ lives”

We provide a diverse range of services to develop, enhance and empower voluntary & community groups to effectively serve their communities, including:

  • E-Bulletins and Information
  • Training Workshops
  • Funding and Governance Support
  • Community Development
  • Networking Events
  • Community Buildings
  • Representation and Partnership Working

CVSBEH also delivers several community and public health projects including a community transport scheme and the Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge.

Latest News

  • Our Annual Report for 2017-18 has now been released. Please click here to view this.
  • Hertfordshire Sustainable Funding Fair  – Presentations.
    The Funding Fair took place in September this year attended by 100’s of participants. If you were unable to attend then don’t worry because all of  the workshop presentations and other useful information have now been uploaded to the Funding Fair webpage. Click here to access them. When you land on the page – please scroll down.