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Dragons' Apprentice Challenge

DAC logo no yearOn Monday, 21st March 2016 150 guests attended the finals of the Dragon’s Apprentice Challenge for Broxbourne and East Herts held at Hertford Theatre. The project raised over £12,000 for local good causes this year and is delivered by the CVS for Broxbourne and East Herts with great support from Broxbourne and East Herts Councils, B3 Living, the Graham Rowlandson Foundation and the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

The Senior Dragons Apprentice Challenge began in September last year and engaged 65 year 12 students from 7 local secondary schools along with 18 representatives of the local business community and 13 beneficiary charitable organisations.  The official video demonstrates why this is a project well worth getting involved with.

BroxbourneSchool5 presenting teams were shortlisted from an initial entry of 13 and included teams from The Broxbourne School, Haileybury Turnford and The Herts & Essex High School. The money they raised from organising a series of events, sales and other business ideas helped a number of local charities including Carers in Herts, Broxbourne Foodbank, The Counselling Foundation, East Herts YMCA, Cats Whiskers Rescue and Breathe Easy Hertford. Teams from The Sele School, St Mary’s School, Cheshunt School and Sheredes School also took part.

The local business community provided seed money and mentoring support for the participating team, some of the organisations included WENTA, Continuum Insurance, B3 Living, the Giving Machine, Cheshunt Marriott, De Veres, Broxbourne Council, East Herts Council, Rotary and Hertfordshire Training and Development Consortium.

SDs1The presenting teams were assessed by a panel of ‘Super Dragon’ Judges that included Justine Perry - CEO of Cariad Marketing, Tony Medhurst – Principal of Hertford Regional College, Jeff Stack - CEO of Broxbourne Council and Michael McGrath - founder of the Muscle Help Foundation.

The awards presented were as follows:

Overall Winner - Sponsored by CVS for Broxbourne and East Herts
Team Ignite – The Broxbourne School

Outstanding Individual – Sponsored by Broxbourne Council
Jess Williams, Team Ignite – The Broxbourne School

Most Innovative Business Idea – Sponsored by B3Living
Team Titans – Haileybury Turnford

Team Unity - Sponsored by Hertford Regional College
EliteTed – Cheshunt School

Group Photo
Best Example of Close Co-operation with their Charity – Sponsored by The Muscle Help Foundation
Team Ignite - The Broxbourne School

Best Managed Project - Sponsored by East Herts Council
Team Ignite - The Broxbourne School

SeleSchoolBest Poster - Sponsored by Graham Rowlandson Foundation
Innovate – The Herts & Essex High School

Most Money Raised – Sponsored by Hertfordshire LEP
Team Prospect – The Herts & Essex High School

Best Presentation – Sponsored by Cariad Marketing
Team Prospect - The Herts & Essex High School

andy lopAfter the interval guests were inspired by international author and speaker Andy Lopata, one of Europe's leading business networking strategists.

This was followed by the awards for the Junior Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge.