Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge 2018/19

CVSBEH is once again seeking local charity and voluntary groups to participate as beneficiaries in the Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge 2018/19. Your role will begin at one of the launch events being held in early October. If you would like to get involved please complete and return the registration form by Thursday, 30th August 2018 to Penny.

Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge 2017/18

Over 100 ambitious students are taking up the Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge this year across Broxbourne & East Herts; 13 different teams will compete over the next few months to increase their £100 start-up cash into as much as possible by mid-December.

The teams of students attended the launch that was held on Monday, 2nd October at Hertford Regional College, Broxbourne Campus.

The students don’t work alone; the business challenge matches each team with a local business mentor (their ‘Dragon’). Local organisations donating their time and expertise to support the Challenge include Barclays, Broxbourne Borough Council, Network Homes, East Herts District Council, B3Living, GC Sports Ltd, Gazelle Finance, Veolia, TheGivingMachine and CVSBEH. Leading Business Networking Strategist, Andy Lopata, is among the judges for the Challenge.

All teams taking part are matched with a charity partner, to whom they will be donating all of their team’s profits, providing much needed income for local charity groups. The local charity/community groups this year are Broxbourne Foodbank, Bury Rangers FC, Carers in Hertfordshire, CHEXS, Cruse Bereavement Care Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Domestic, Abuse Helpline, Herts Young Homeless, Mind in Mid Herts, The Counselling Foundation, The Muscle Help Foundation, TheGivingMachine and YCT.

Schools and colleges taking part are the Freman College, Haileybury Turnford, Hertford Regional College, Richard Hale School, Robert Barclay Academy, Simon Balle School, The Bishops Stortford High School, The Hertfordshire & Essex High School, The John Warner School and The Sele School.

The teams will be designing and selling products, holding events and creating micro businesses all across Broxbourne & East Herts as well as interacting with other local businesses and residents along the way. The whole Challenge can be followed through the twitter #DragonsBEH.

Dragons Apprentice Challenge is co-ordinated locally by Community Voluntary Services for Broxbourne and East Herts (CVSBEH). Chief Executive Ian Richardson said:

“This is our 5th year of delivering the Challenge and it continues to grow in this part of Hertfordshire. We are excited to see which school team will be crowned the winners this year and they will be announced at our Awards Evening set for the beginning of March 2018.”

Last year the teams from Broxbourne and East Herts raised almost £12,000, and the Overall Winners were from The Sele School who presented £1105 to Headway Hertfordshire, which provides advice and support for people with brain injuries and their carers based in Hertfordshire.

The Challenge is sponsored by Broxbourne Council and East Herts Council along with Barclays, Hertfordshire LEP and VolkerWessels UK.


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