Raising money is important to all voluntary and community organisations. It allows them to continue to run and offer invaluable help. There are lots of ways in which that money can be raised including charging for individual services and fundraising events but for a lot of organisations in the voluntary and community sector, grants are a welcome resource.

Knowing you want or need grant funding and finding the ones that will help your organisation are two different things. Grant money comes from a number of different sources and our service providers can support you through the entire process, from the initial funding search, through the (often lengthy) application process to a review of your application.

Below you will find some of the funding services we can help your organisation with:

Funding search service – Tailored search of various funding sources with a short list of recommendations of those to try provided to the organisation.

Assisted funding searches – Supported search of various funding website, providing guidance to the organisation on how to search.

Do your own funding search – Provide access to various funding websites for organisation to do their own search.

Checks before you apply – Discussion with the organisation to check they have everything in place before applying for funding.  Includes:  governance, policies and procedures etc

Funding application help – Guidance in filling out specific application forms but not writing the bid for the organisation

Application writing service – Bid writing service on behalf of an organisation

Finished application review – Advice provided on completed forms whether self-completed or with guidance

Funding information sheets – Available on request

‘Find the Funding’ newsletter – Available on request


  • A total of 3 hours of services are provided free of charge to CVS Members
  • After that our services are charged at £30 per hour (discounts may be available, please contact us to discuss further)
  • If you would like to find out more about the CVSBEH funding advice service please email or call 0300 123 1034.